Hope Circle of Friends

The “Friendship Group” ministry is designed to reach neighborhoods around the church in a meaningful way. This ministry provides Bible study and interaction for adults and youth. Dress is casual. All are welcome. The Word of God is exalted, worship is encouraged, and the Spirit of God is always present. Feel free to visit our next Hope Circle of Friends.
Thursdays @7:00 pm

10161 Florida Blvd.
Walker, LA  70785
(Crossway Church Fellowship Hall)
For more information, call (225) 380-5040.

Home Bible Study

Believing strongly that all who desire to know more of the Word of God should have the opportunity to do so, Hope Center provides free home Bible studies to all that desire one. Taught in the privacy of your home, an instructor will come to your home and teach a simple 30 – 40 minute lesson, utilizing the Bible as the only text book. Available for individuals or groups and illustrated with vivid color charts, the study will begin in Genesis 1:1 and will conclude in the Book of Revelation. The study covers such major themes as: creation, the fall of man, the flood, the lives of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the life of Joseph, Egyptian captivity, Moses, Canaan Land, the major Kings and Prophets of Israel, the birth of Christ, Christ’s ministry, Calvary, the early church, the plan of salvation, God’s plan for man, and coming events in Prophecy. Twelve lessons to complete. Interesting, dynamic, and inspiring, many have felt they learned more from this type of individualized study time than all their previous study time put together. And the best part: it’s free! To schedule your own study, call (225) 380-5040.

Prayer Request

If you wish to have Hope Center join you in prayer, you may send an email to:  hopecenterupci@yahoo.com